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marcus. he has developmental issues. he is in el paso, texas, he loves the basketball team. always loved basketball. he has been the manager, but the coach thought had in his mind a plan to let him play the last minute of their last game. he wanted to give him his moment. take a look. so let me tell you what happened. they kept passing him the ball. he didn't make the shot. the ball goes out of bounds. a kid from the other team who had been watching everybody supporting the young man mitchell called to him, tossed it in to him and he made the basket. he got his moment after all. very nice. greg is looking at me and i can feel it. >> greg: what? >> dana: that sin can, this is ridiculous story. against no, it's nice to see a
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basketball story. that's all. >> kimberly: your turn. asleep at the big wheel. freddie somebody sent me this, "unicorns are jerks." a coloring book. features 18 illustration of unicorns acting like jerks. i am amazed in the 21st sen thurry this mythological bigotry exists. disgusting. write your congressman and stop the madness. disgusting. >> dana: is that real or did you draw that? >> greg: that is real. unlike you i do real things and i try to help people. >> bob: your turn, kim. >> kimberly: it's over. the show is over. >> bob: not doing your thing. >> greg: what was it? >> kimberly: about i.d.s that you can now get in new york. >> bob: finish telling us the story. >> kimberly: give one to bob. thank you for watching. see you tomorrow. >> bret: one day left before the sequester in the federal
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government. stages a jailbreak. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: i'm bret baier. illegal immigrants out of jail thanks to the sequester. the administration opening gamut in the last-second chess game giving hundreds of illegal immigrants get out of jail free cards caught everyone by surprise. white house officials insisted today the decision was made by career officials, imgrace and custom enforcement officials without input from the white house. it came just two days before automatic cuts in the rate of spending growth kick in. correspondent william la jeunesse has the amazing details from los angelesment >> after years of arresting illegal immigrants on the border and the street, federal
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agents charged to protect the homeland are pinching pennies releasing hundreds of felons and noncitizens behind bars. >> the cost is $10 a day, opposed to $120 a day when they are held in a detention facility. >> in a statement tuesday, they claim potential budget cuts, mandated by the sequester, prompted the release of some 300 inmates in arizona alone on saturday. more later. >> the agency released the low-risk, noncriminal detainees under less expensive form of monitoring to ensure detention level stayed within the budget. >> policy that is soft on the illegal immigration. >> they hold 30,000 criminal noncitizens in prisons around the country. they long criticized jail detention as inhumane. today several republican congressmen accused the administration using the sequester to justify the illegal release. >> policy they want to enext
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wait. using this as a guise to get it done. reckless one. >> today, they asked ice where and how many detainees it planned release with the criminal records. >> they are not dangerous criminals! cops say otherwise. >> robbery, assault. >> babu says inmates released to his county are anything but nonviolent and fears many will reefend and disappear. >> these are multiple border crossers and they could not stop them crossing international border. how will they stop supervision over the criminals? >> ice says the detainees are required to call in. some may wear an ankle bracelet. while free, they are not supposed to leave and must
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promise to show up in court. history says many won't and calving them is more expensive than jail. >> bret: republicans slam the president over letting the sequestration battle come down to the proverbial 11th hour. both sides are condemning the other for failure to compromise. >> republicans today hammered president obama for waiting until friday, deadline day on the sequester to schedule the first meeting at the white house this year. the president may not like the fact but he wasn't elected to work with the congress he wants. he was elected to work with the congress he has. >> the white house officials note the president put deficit plan on the table to speaker boehner in december and are waiting for republicans to acknowledge there has to be
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new tax revenue in addition to spending cuts. >> hopefully soon. republicans will unction the need to compromise here. and compromise has balance at the essence. >> republicans are skeptical of the president's definition of compromise. especially after his event yesterday. >> i'm not interested in spin. i'm not interested in playing a blame game. >> the president did blame the republicans, suggesting compromise involves them caving on taxes. >> there are too many republicans in congress right now who refuse to compromise especially an inch when it comes to closing tax loopholes and special interest tack breaks. >> republicans counter the president is misleading the public about the cuts because they believe he has the legal power to mitigate damage. arnie duncan denied the claim and became the latest cabinet chief to send a dire warning.
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pulling at heart strings but saying he will have to choose between cutting money for poor children or special needs children. >> act like a panel call thing i could do or superintendent or -- kids are going to get hurt. >> some of duncan's claims appear to be hyped. after declaring on a sunday show that teachers are already getting pink slips because of sequester, today, the secretary seemed to back pedal. >> whether it's press related i don't know. but teachers are getting pink slips. >> republicans add major cuts are needed when the government is deep in debt, it is borrowinger $37,829 per second. >> look at the fact that we are spending $3 for every we take in. spending money we don't have. >> duncan referred to one county in west virginia that they report is going through the cuts.
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>> there is little doubt emotions are frayed. mary landrieu today on the senate floor. >> we have half this cost and half the chamber that works on one side of the i ccasion. cuts, cuts, more cuts. even though they are senseless and dangerous. we have been reducing spen spending. we have set a target lower because we are tightening our belts. >> bret: tightening their belts. is that true? is the congressional waste line getting trimmer? or is there still a lot of fat to be sliced off? chief national correspondent jim angle says lawmakers found plenty. >> they are hitting on $45 billion in unspent money. more than half the total sequester, which could be used to ease shortfalls.
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>> there are money in departments across the federal government authorized over months or year. they authorize it to be used elsewhere. senator tom coburn identified several wasteful programs at the pentagon including a video called drill sergeant showing the favorite recipes and $6 billion on research including decision-making could be learned from fish. senator coburn and others refer to what he calls duplication nation. dozens of programs intended for the same purpose. >> there are over 100 different programs focused on science and technology, engineering. >> there are 47 job training programs according to gao. only five have had an impact study since 2004. less than half of which have performance review.
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>> can't we cut 2% like american familys? american families don't build their own roads, or run prisons. >> janet napolitano argues the sequester threatens homeland security. and says the department has $# billion in unspent preferences fund. they appoint to $90,000 spent to upgrade security at spring training site in arizona for pro baseball teams. general services administration runs the federal properties won notoriety when an official memorialized lavish paid trip to vegas. stark contrast to building in the gsa inventory. in washington, the hearing noted many go unused. >> there are over 500 buildings here and over 200 of them vacant or underutilized. >> in 2010, president obama said gsa had billions in property that should be sold by 2014. only a portion has been. officials question the value of even those.
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>> some lawmakers hope it will force closer look at wasteful federal spending. bret? >> bret: jim, this is what makes people sick about washington. >> drives them crazy. >> waste fraud and abuse are three words we hear all the time. then the battle over sequester. >> program to help people balance their checkbooks. federal government is not doing a good job. they better sign up themselves. >> bret: jim, thank you. what would you cut? let me know on twitter. follow me @brettbaier. another big day on wall street, good news, the dow gained 175 today. the s&p 500 was up 19. nasdaq finished ahead 3 . 3 it seems that everyone is a comedian these days, even a real life judge in new jersey. why he is in trouble. later in the grapevine. up next, no laughing matter about deadly weapons. but is more gun control the final answer?
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>> bret: a fox news alert, jack lew has been confirmed by the senate as next treasury secretary. at least 17 republicans voted to confirm him. again, jack lew voted the next secretary treasury of the united states. chuck hagel was sworn in today as secretary of defense. hagel was approved after seven-week fight. this is a picture, he is a republican senator, the first enlisted man to rise to pentagon chief. one of the senate's chief proponents of stricter gun control says a ban on some kind of weapons is more urgent now than ever. correspondent doug mckelway reports not surprisingly, not everyone sees it that way. >> 157 type of assault weapons and magazines holding over ten
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rounds would be baned under senator feinstein's bill. today's hearing was stackedwiths including a sandy hook father. >> looks at the eyes and the end of the barrel. jesse didn't run, jesse didn't turn his back. that was the fatal shot that killed jesse. >> the hearing, part of the all-out message is the sandy hook slaughter. >> the excuse that is too politically risky to act is no longer acceptable. >> but the desire to act at the federal level produced a big backlash in the states. seven states are taking action to ease or block new gun control measures. in illinois, the state legislature begun a series of votes on a concealed carry law, after an appeals court ruled the state ban was unconstitutional. in south dakota, the senate extended permits for concealed weapons from four to five years. in texas, a new bill would
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protect state law officers from having to enforce a new federal gun ban. >> dozens of county sheriffs around the state of texas said we are not going to abide by this. this sets up a problem. if in fact this legislation goes through, they would be suggest to prosecution by eric holder. in the justice department. so we had to protect them. >> republicans are skeptical of new ban. justice department study on the first ban was inconclusive. >> they cannot clearly credit the ban with any of the face's recent prop in gun violence. >> why pass new gun laws, lindsey graham asked a witness when the police seldom investigate buyers who fail background checks. >> i want to stop 76,000 people from buying guns illegally. that's what a background check
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does. >> in the year 2010, 80,000 people lied or misrepresented the background check. 44 people were prosecuted. >> bret: thank you. liberal super pac deleted tweets accusing former labor secretary chow of trying to get the husband,nate minority leader mitch mcconnell to take steps benefiting the chinese economy over americans. freelance journalist blogs the tweet sought to connect chao with loss of american jobs to china. representative for progress, kentucky, deny the tweets represent the official feeling of the group. the campaign manager calls the tweets blatant race baiting for political gain. today, the judge in the gulf oil spill trial watch video testimony from former v.p. chief hayward who faye lousily said after the explosion that killed 19 people, he would
3:19 pm
like to get his life back. hayward said in testimony that cost cutting at b.p. did not affect drilling operations. the supreme court heard arguments today on what is considered its biggest case of the current session. it involves whether part of america learned their lesson about the rights of minority voters. correspondent shannon bream explains. >> the voting rights act required a number of states and county with history of discrimination with minority voters to seek preclearance of the justice department or federal court based in washington before making any changes to the voting procedures. shelby county, argues much changed in the ensuing years and evidence shows the requirement is no longer necessary. justice breyer asked it's an old disease but it is still there. if you had a remedy that helped it work but it wasn't over wouldn't you keep the remedy? >> if there were no costs to
3:20 pm
what we are doing and not direct infringement on the sovereign state, it might be an argument. here we are in a different situation. a high cost to pay for the remedy. >> congress must renew the act for it to remain valid. done so numerous times. but today, justice antonin scalia referenceed something he called perpetuation of racial entitlements, saying when they adopt racial entitlements it is difficult to get out of them through the normal political processes. add nothing lawmaker could benefit casting a no vote. hinting that congress may not be the most objective body to consider whether or not the act should be renewed. >> protection of the right to vote is an american entitl entitlement. democratic entitlement. those who seek to use incendiary rhetoric from the bench of the supreme court should think twice about the place in history. >> a number of justices bothered that the act applies to certain states, evidence of discrimination in others
3:21 pm
begging the ultimate question whether the law as it stands can pass constitutional muster. bret? >> bret: shannon bream at the supreme court. thank you. still ahead, veteran goes from fighting one war overseas to fighting another here at home. first, pope benedict and his followers say goodbye. living with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis
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>> bret: pope benedict held a grand public finale to his eight-year reign at the vatican. andy kellogg shows us what happened. >> pope benedict held the last public audience in the vatican. the remarks were personal and acknowledged the seriousness of the decision he has taken to step down.
3:25 pm
>> deep regret of the standing of many of you in the room. position i made >> people started to file st. peter's square early, different reasons, solge to say thanks and some to ask hirs blessing on the last public appearance at the vet can. others want to be here because it's historic occasion. >> this group came of age with the pope. >> went to a catholic school 12 years. i learned all the stuff that goes on and now seeing this in person, live, i can say wow! i had the pope's final bles blessing. meaningful for me. >> the priests were here to say goodbye and described how
3:26 pm
they will remember him. >> it's scholarship and the great humility throughout his life of writing and serving the church. as a scholar. stepping down to live a life of prayer. >> tomorrow at this time, pope emeritus told the crowd he does not plan to reclaim the personal life he surrendered for his calling but to continue a life of prayer and reflection. in rome, amy kellogg, fox news. >> bret: another new member of the national security team pushing for syria's president to leave office. secretary of state will participate in what is a friends of syria meeting thursday. chief washington correspondent james rosen is travelling with secretary query and reports from rome. >> secretary of state john kerry demonstrated fluency in three foreign languages on the trip. no doubt serving him well as he drives for unity among 19
3:27 pm
nations gathered in rome to bolster the rebels. he needs to know that he can't shoot his way out of this. we need to confines him of that. the opposition needs help to do that. we are working together with respect that. >> privately, the u.s. officials hold little hope that the two hof hour session with russia foreign minister will change behavior of the kremlin which has propped up the assad regime with cash, weapons and political support. >> discussion was to my mind constructive. in spirit of partnership without, of course, ignoring the questions which are irritating the relations. >> syria's civil war claimed 70,000 lives. they worry it will fall to the
3:28 pm
al-qaeda-linked battle unit that has begun to deliver basic services to the people. the leader will be in rome when kerry announces washington's support for new body armor and other nonlethal aid to rebels. >> every day, this day, we have more than 100 people killed. it can't last longer. >> secretary kerry expressed the limited optimism about nuclear negotiations held this week in kazakhstan between western powers in iran, kerry calling the talks useful. urging iran to consider trading action for action to diffuse that crisis. bret? >> bret: james rosen, traveling with secretary kerry in rome. thank you. have you heard about the one -- i screwed up the judge already. have you heard the one that the judge is the standup comedian? you will next in the grapevine. that is why i'm not a stand-up comedian. call to arm over the first lady.
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is that obama campaign manager jim messina has a new gig. he is opening private consulting firm and also serving as chairman of the organizing for action. the non-profit successor to the campaign committee obama for america. as you imagine, some see a conflict in this arrangement. jonah goldberg, fox news contributor and at-large editor of national review
3:33 pm
online says, "it's difficult to imagine the outrage if in 2005 karl rove had decided to cash in by going pro with the bush re-election campaign in this manner." the bubbly call nashing of teeth and claw by the scandalized editors of the "new york times" and the "washington post" alone would drive the mainstream media in frenzy of outrage. first lady michelle obama cameo as oscar presenter raised eyebrows and had some fuming. but in iran they were up in arms about the first lady's arms. in a story about "argo" winning best picture, they did a little oler the ration to the first lady's $9,000 evening gown to cover up some skin.
3:34 pm
the guardian reports iranian women shown on state tv are required to have a job that covered their hair, arm, legs. for foreigners the dress code appears to be relaxed somewhat. the first lady's arms did not qualify. >> finally a part-time judge in new jersey is pleading to the supreme court. vince secari hears cases like traffic violations and disordinarily conduct. they voiced concern it could give appearance of bias though he does not do lawyer jokes. the gig is a comic and actor pays better and entitles him to health benefits. as a judge he makes $13,000 a
3:35 pm
year. another look of how hard it is to get the care they were promise it when they signed up. correspondent douglas kennedy has the story of a hero who has gone from dodging bombs and bullet in desert to cut through jungle of red tape at home. >> in 2004 robert with the special agent two the air force. stationed at ballid air force base 50 miles north of baghdad. >> your base was attacked over 150 times in six months. while you were there. >> yes. >> describe what that was like. >> actually it's difficult to deal with. you have got orders coming in. along with the day and night. you have sleeping. it's very hard time. >> nonetheless, fea emerging a r hero, winning the bronze star for valor, but experience the war experience has let left them scarred for life. >> in fact, he has been hospitalized for paranoia
3:36 pm
three sometime since returning home and easily qualify him for mental health benefits from the air force. >> you applied for benefit from the v.a. two-and-a-half years ago. but you got very little response. >> i got no response. it's very, very difficult and tiresome process to deal with. >> right now, it's a process many have to deal with. currently american vets are waiting longer for the benefits to be processed than ever before. >> right now there are 900,000 u.s. military veterans waiting on average, nine months to receive an answer on disability claim from the department of veterans affairs. that is wrong. in a statement to fox news, the veterans administration acknowledged backlog. president 45% of iraq and afghanistan veterans are currently seeking compensation for injuries related to their service. which the statement called historically hi. >> the v.a. says there are
3:37 pm
simple a lot of veterans applying for benefits. that is why there is a backlog. >> backlog because they are not doing enough to break down the backlog. >> he says america vets already fought for the country. and they shouldn't have to fight for the v.a. when they get home. in baltimore, maryland, douglas kennedy, fox news. >> bret: the first tournist space says he intends to send two people, married man and woman to mars back beginning five years from now. he will raise about $1 million or try to from businesses, media organizations and individuals. i should say billion dollar w a "b," not a million. that would be short of the goal. billion with a "b." he says 17- month mission will be to do a fly-by. not a landing on the surface of the red planet. the blizzard dumping snow on the plains and midwest is blamed for six deaths all in kansas. this is what it looks like in
3:38 pm
milwaukee. where hundreds of vehicles have been stranded. no the north, sheboygan county reports 14 inches of snow. other side of lake michigan, me ski gan had nine -- mess ski gan had nine inches. we are one more business day away from the sequester but the president and congress apparently won't talk until friday. we'll get reaction. from the fox all-stars when we come back.
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woman: what do you mean, homeowners insurance doesn't cover floods? [ heart rate increases ] man: a few inches of water caused all this? [ heart rate increases ] woman #2: but i don't even live near the water. what you don't know about flood insurance may shock you -- including the fact that a preferred risk policy starts as low as $129 a year. for an agent, call the number that appears on your screen. we're doing our very best to minimize the impacts of sequester, but there is only so much i can do. you know, i'm supposed to have 34,000 detention beds for immigration. how do i pay for those? >> we don't especially know who they have released and what they have been charged with. no one from the administration has contacted my homeland security division. no one has contacted by office. no one reached out and
3:42 pm
obviously they don't know what the heck is going on, because they didn't know anything about it either. who is running this country? >> they pose no risk to society. they were not released in to society but rather placed in an alternative detention program which has proven to be a secure program with a success rate of over 90%. >> bret: this was interesting, some illegal immigrants released by immigration and customs enforcement, put out a statement tuesday. claiming that the budget cut mandated by the sequester promised this release. prompted, rather, this release of inmates. and the number of different states. the white house said they didn't order this. this is how jay carney responded to questions. >> this was a decision made by career officials at ice. without any input from the white house. as a result of fiscal
3:43 pm
uncertainty over the continuing resolution and possible sequest tration. all the individuals remain in removal proceedings. >> it's possible some would not be brought back in. >> this isn't a conversation i can tellp you with in specifics. >> okay. with that, we will bring in the panel. steve hayes, "weekly standard." mara liasson political correspondent of national public radio. syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. steve, thoughts? >> it's been interesting day. the white house running as fast and as far as they can, away from the claim it came because of the sequester and blaming it on the career officials. look, i think we may be reaching a point in this whole debate that things are turning against the white house pretty quickly. you have had a prominent piece in the "washington post" today suggesting that education secretary arnie duncan wasn't being honest when he said that teachers were getting pink slips across the country. when he was pressed on that. and the post tumulte and others investigated it, it
3:44 pm
turns out it wasn't true. they wrote a piece to suggest the claims made by the white house are hyped. you had the "new york times" today. write a story in which they wondered whether the president was going to emerge as the president who cried wolf. you have bob woodward not only challenging the claims of the administration but saying in effect the white house is threatening to come after me. saying that the president would be disappointed if he knew this was happening. this feels like it's spinning out of control for the white house here. if this is the beginning of a longer analysis of what exactly the cuts do and we know that they are going to be sort of gradually introduced, does the white house just lose any remaining credibility it has on the question of spending going in a long and significant debate on budget. the house republican budget senate democratic budget and white house budget. >> bret: you had the white house and ice officials saying
3:45 pm
this is a supervised release. the arizona sheriff responding to that. >> this idea of supervisory release is laughable. they're multiple border crossers. they could never stop them crossing an international border. how on earth are they going to provide supervise release and supervision over the crimina criminals? >> this could be argument over any criminals who -- release of any criminals who were detained. but they're doing this to make the sequester look worse than it is. i don't think based on how this happened there was a strategy that ice was told to release them to do that. however, there will be plenty of stories like this. the republican strategy in the sequester is point out at every time how certain cuts didn't have to be made. how instead of doing "x," the
3:46 pm
president could have done "y." that is what republicans will prove he had flexibility or he could have made decision to do something less onerous or made more sense. the white house is saying the hands are tied. we have to cut a certain percentage of every single program. completely across the board. i think we will see this as the sequester unfolds. the big question you mentioned budgets on the table in april. the big question is do enough americans feel so much pain because of the cuts that they are going to demand something change? or will this be exaggerated by the white house, not so terrible and we go forward? >> the other thing charged by several republicans on the hill this is political tied to the immigration issue. tied to the politics of immigration. >> if it is, really smart. a lot of people disagree on what to do about the 11 million illegal aliens in
3:47 pm
the country. do think anyone wants to empty prisons of people who are being held. we don't know how they will act. it's laughable to assume they are going to show up under this alternate status, you know, act like good citizens. multiple occasions they cross the border. every time they are deported across the mexico they try again. now that they are in the u.s. and released, the idea they will show up and allow themselves to be rearrested. that is highly unlikely. the major issue here isn't only the pain and disruption, how will be the reaction of the american people? people have a sense that the government wasteful. they heard of the gao conference in vegas, where you have a guy in hot tub and martini. they have instinctive
3:48 pm
knowledge of what happens when you go to get the driver's license. everybody is asking snappily in jiffy lube. a different proposition. people have a notion if you close the essential services there has to be a lot of bad faith in that. you are deliberately doing that, whereas you have a lot of choices. i'm not sure it will translate immediately against the republicans. i think it could rebound against the administration. if people imagine in this case that they could be acting in bad faith and deliberately making things really bad. >> bret: next up, one democrat says belts are tightening but does it line up with the facts? plus we take one of your tweets on the other side of the break. my wife takes centrum silver. i've been on the fence about it.
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then i read an article about a study that looked at the long term health benefits of taking multivitamins. they used centrum silver for the study... so i guess my wife was right. [ male announcer ] centrum. always your most complete. but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels speeds relief to your worst cold symptoms plus has a decongestant for your stuffy nose. thanks. that's the cold truth!
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families do cut back, but they plan reduction. they don't pull rug out from underneath the college tuition for the kids. they don't kick grandma out on the street and put her in a homeless shelter. for some reason, we have the chamber that only wants to work on one side of the equation. it's only about cuts, cuts, and more cuts. though they are senseless and dangerous. >> generally, 2.5% can be cut across every program. it can be 10%. someone has to make a decision about which program are effective and which ones are not effective.
3:53 pm
>> well, some of the sounds today, you saw louisiana senator mary landrieu on the senate floor, saying that the federal government is trimming back. take a look at what the debt added in the last year, and the nation, roughly $38,000 a second. we told you that is added to the national debt in last year. $38,000 a second. michael ramirez has a cartoon, a cartoonist that looks back and take a good long look at this. if you like pie charts this is an actual pie chart of the 2007 federal budget against the 2013 federal budget. you can see the 2013 budget, 40% larger. $38 trillion in spending, versus $2.7 trillion. deficit back then, 2007. $161 billion versus $901 billion in 2013. there is the sequester cut.
3:54 pm
$85 billion. that is 2.23%. michael ramirez, thank you for letting us use the pie chart. we want to start the panel with a tweet from laura carlson. laura carlson, from iowa, i guess. laura carlson, i.a., true sequestration numbers. what is the truth. can president obama decide what exactly, where in-budget cuts can be made. ve have been talking about they are cuts, talking about the cut bus the federal government is growing. can president obama even as it's written decide where these cutbacks and decreases go? steve? >> well, there is some disagreement on this. the white house says no, we have to do this across the board. we have very little flexibility. you hear from house republicans that the white house does have a fair amount of discretion and it has to do with the budget arcaina with
3:55 pm
where the cuts come as a result of the sequester take place. at what level of the government do they come at a level that is called programs, projects and activities? or do they come at a higher level that is a broader category, called the accounts level? republicans believe that they can come at the accounts level. and want to make the case that that alone gives the president maneuverability, gives him the ability to move stuff around. so that he doesn't have to assess the across the board. in case, the republicans are to resolve the dispute, republicans i think will include language in legislation coming up. maybe in the next week that will specify that the way that the budget control act was written was meant to have the changes at the accounts level. if they are right and if that works then they will send it to the senate. the senate will choose whether they give the president that authority or recognize that
3:56 pm
authority he already has. >> bret: frankly, mara, the meeting friday, that could be one thing that is decided the transfer authority. it could be the final white flag that both sides say okay, let's just do this. >> bret: it could be. or it could be the beginning of negotiations for real deficit reduction. that is a longshot. but we have gone through the dances before. don't forget the reason we're here is because both sides fail to make a grand bargain. the grand bargain is where the president agrees to entitlement cut and republicans agree to some revenue increases. since then, we have had a series of fiscal cliffs and we'll get more of them. i just want to say something about the bigger talk. the president has been repeating in recent days, jay carney said this, he said this in the state of the union he is willing to do chain cpi and means testing of benefit. he is reminding people he is willing to do the. john boehner said the other day he is willing to close loopholes in the context of big tax reform that lowers rates. if both sides were brave and creative they could get
3:57 pm
something done. >> bret: why? >> just wanted to say that. >> here we are. last day before this kicks in. the jim angle story makes people mad. $6 billion on lessons about democracy and decision making from fish. that kind of thing. senator coburn points out. those things intube rate people. >> they ask for a report on the ocean waste and duplication in 2011. a sample. 82 program to improve teacher quality. 47 for job training. it goes on. includes billion dollars that the government sent in the last decade to quarter of a million debt people. this amounts to $100 billion a year, minimum two yaf times of
3:58 pm
domestic sequester. this is quotient of waste and we haven't had a drop of it removed. >> bret: we have more of this in this panel on the online show in a minute. that is it for this minute. stay tune for round of cats versus dogs. one thing you can depend on is that these will come together. delicious and wholesome. some combinations were just meant to be. tomato soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
3:59 pm
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